Photograph taken from the hotel.

This picture shows the position of Isola Verde hotel. The hotel is 2 km from the centre of Torbole and 6 km from Riva del Garda
along the quiet road that rises gently from Torbole up to the village of Nago at about 500 mt.

The area is very quiet, away from the densely-populated urban areas and heavy traffic.

Marmitte dei Giganti potholes

Rock formations shaped over millions of years. They were formed during the Ice Age (130,000-10,000 years BC) by the movement of boulders and subsequent meltwater from glaciers. You can see them at close range from the Isola Verde hotel garden.

The olive grove

Forms the backdrop to the east wing of the hotel; dozens of olive trees scattered over the steep, green slope, with tables, benches, and a barbecue area in the shade of the trees.